One jaded Rose by James Byron Books

The author grew up in a creative household.

Born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia, with all the complexities of being a middle child. There was music, swaying and records playing, but no dancing in the street, only cricket and football. His father loved to sing, and his mother loved language. She has written many books herself.

Working in a bank for two score and many a year might not seem like the ideal place for his imagination to flourish, but it did allow him to live in different parts of Australia, which led him towards ideas for inspiration. He picked up a guitar at an early age and has had a lifelong dabble into song writing, with a sprinkling of live performances here and there.

As an avid reader of crime fiction, he diverted his love of investigations to a wry level, composing a series of humorous adventures that highlight scams, frauds and genuine misunderstandings. The Nic Thorn Capers.

The release of One jaded Rose, the first in the series, kindled his thrill of writing fun and beguiling page turners. There are currently four more novels in the series awaiting final review.

The author currently resides in Adelaide, South Australia. He has a cat called Toffee that spends most of its time tormenting the computer mouse.

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