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All in all, this is definitely a series I’m going to follow. Great job!

4.0 rating
September 2, 2021

OMG…. I loved this book. There were several times when reading it I had to interrupt DH in his own reading so I could read parts of it aloud! There were references a time or two I didn’t quite understand, not being Australian, but I got the gist of it even then. And there are a LOT of funny moments and a lot of cultural references that some readers may not get. But, even with that, it did not take away from my enjoyment (though as much as I love music, I had trouble understanding how Rose was so very clueless in that regard. She did redeem herself in my eyes, though, with her love of British humor!
The characters are great fun… I could so see this as a TV show… kind of a wacky Mission Impossible or Leverage. I loved the repartee between Rose and Nic and can’t wait to see them together in future adventures. I do hope the chemistry between them continues to grow but not TOO fast! Love the slow burn.
The missions were fun as well, but I think a little more time could have been spent on those….part of my love of adventure shows is actually seeing how things are set up. And, I would love for Rose and Sandy to have some more active roles in future books.
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This was absolutely a fun read

4.0 rating
August 27, 2021

This was absolutely a fun read. I wasn’t sure what to make of Nic at first, but I have to admit I started to like him quite a bit rather quickly. The adventures Nic, Rose, and Sandy embark on are both imaginative and comical. The author definitely delivered in the humor department, and I couldn’t help but smile while I read. I could easily see this being turned into a fairly light-hearted TV series, and I look forward to reading more of Nic’s escapades in later book
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james byron books

One Jaded Rose is the first book in the ‘Nic Thorn Caper’ series by James Byron Books. I hope the next in the series is as fun and interesting as this one.

4.0 rating
August 21, 2021

This book is fast-paced, exciting, and I especially enjoy the banter between Rose, Sandy and Nic. After the first caper was successful, there is a point where the three are talking and it reminded me of a ‘Charlies Angels’ vibe.
One Jaded Rose progresses quickly and smoothly from one job to the next. The writing is entertaining and engaging for me. Fun quick-witted characters, humorous dialogue, Monty Python references, and puns galore makes this a great book I recommend for all readers. Its 217 pages can be read in a short time.
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A book to open anytime day or night that delivers a welcome respite from the daily grind…

5.0 rating
July 26, 2021

If you’re familiar with Adelaide, Brisbane, Pinaroo, you’ll delight in the…familiarity!
Light and easy to read, thoroughly entertaining, pour yourself a cuppa and enjoy, there’s a chuckle on every page and a witty reference in there somewhere too.
Note to Author> Blondes can TOTALLY wear yellow

Maryann G

One Jaded Rose

5.0 rating
April 3, 2021

I finished the book in under 24 hours
Loved the amusing references to the Beatles
Looking forward to the next book in the series

Damian W